I’ve been trying to use the pentaho-cassandra-plugin, and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to make it write uuid or timeuuid fields to Cassandra. I’ve put in some row level logging to the plugin and found that since you have to send uuid fields to the plugin as Strings, that it will wrap them in single quotes before attempting the CQL. Cassandra then treats them as strings instead of uuids and fails on the insert.

Similarly, the Cassandra docs (http://www.datastax.com/documentatio...id_type_r.html) state: "Timeuuid types can be entered as integers for CQL input". However, when I try to use an integer to insert into a timeuuid field, Cassandra barfs.

I see that Pentaho doesn’t have a UUID type available in the ValueMetaInterface, so perhaps the proper solution is to introduce a type there. That seems like it might be a big job.

I'm using the latest version of Cassandra as of this post (2014-04-04) and I am building the Pentaho Cassandra plugin from source. I am using the CQL3 option.

I have made one modification to the plugin such that it will treat the Cassandra "TimestampType" as it does other dates.