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Thread: MS SQLEXPRESS connection using named pipes

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    Default MS SQLEXPRESS connection using named pipes

    Hello Everyone!

    Something happened to my MS SQL EXPRESS and now it is not registered properly in the system and I cannot access it through IP address. I can access it through named pipes: servername\instancename. For example the following link example test worked for me

    Now I am curios if I can make PDI Database connection (host name field) to understand format servername\instancename. So far I had no luck.

    EDIT: Sorry I used incorrect terminology. Named pipes seem to be something else. Well the bottom line I can connect through servername\instancename, but cannot connect through IP address. I need to make servername\instancename work in PDI.

    Interestingly enough, connecting through IP address was not a problem until recently. Now it is gone.

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    I've only used MSSQL Express occasionally, and not recently, but I remember that by default, it changes the TCP/IP listening port number every time it starts up. That's supposed to be a security feature, but if you want to connect to it with PDI, then you will need to change your Express configuration listen on the same port every time it starts up.

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