I am trying to generate report using pentaho. .report file, .xaction and .xml files are there. but when I try to generate report from the front end its giving me error."report cannot be generate".
Its giving some xaction error.

I m posting the pentaho log : the main part where error is there.

17:14:35,768 ERROR [JFreeReportComponent] 546f6f59-bb25-11e3-b7be-4d38f4f51fc6:COMPONENT:context-1565119086-1396525475602:ESIC_SubCode.xactionnull
17:14:35,769 ERROR [SolutionEngine] 546f6f59-bb25-11e3-b7be-4d38f4f51fc6:SOLUTION-ENGINE:ESIC_SubCode.xaction: Action Sequence execution failed, see details below
| Error Time: Thursday, April 3, 2014 5:14:35 PM IST
| Session ID: joe
| Instance Id: 546f6f59-bb25-11e3-b7be-4d38f4f51fc6
| Action Sequence: ESIC_SubCode.xaction
| Execution Stack:
EXECUTING ACTION: report (JFreeReportComponent)
| Action Class: JFreeReportComponent
| Action Desc: report
| Loop Index (1-based): 0

plz chk once and letme know what can be the possible reasons for occurrence of this error and how it can be resolved.
If u need any more info let me know.