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Thread: Get the data from Table1 by checking the data in output table2 with id's and time

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    Default Get the data from Table1 by checking the data in output table2 with id's and time

    Hi guys,
    I am working with kettle from 1 month
    we already achieved this uisng java, but monitoring and error handling is quite complicated using java cron job

    Get the data from input/Table1 by checking the data in output/table2 with meterid and time stamp

    Input-table1: one record per sec per one meter (we has 100 meters) Fields:meterid,Time-stamp,Value
    Output-table2: one record per one hour for one meter; Fields:meterid,Time-stamp,Value[which is consolidated value for one hour]

    we build a transformation to get the above job done, this run on every 60 minutes.

    1.Need to check the table2 last records for every meter and get data from there to till previous hour which is the
    completed hour.
    2.if we missed an hour or day completely the job should start from there to till last hour

    i.e if jobs runs successfully every hour, then we should get only one hour data every hour from table1 and transform and load that data to table2

    i tried using Database look-up and filter rows step i messed up,am i on right track.
    Help me to get logic right


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    Are you working on the same project and don't even know it?
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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