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Thread: Problem connection database second job on server

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    Default Problem connection database second job on server

    Hi all,
    I've a problem with a job when i call this two times in a short time.
    The server where there is kettle is different with server with database but I don't think that this is a problem.

    Well, when i call in shell the job the second time (the first works), I 've found this error:
    2014/04/08 17:48:51 - SET VARIABLES - ERROR (version 5.0.1-stable, build 1 from 2013-11-15_16-08-58 by buildguy) :Exception: [org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleDatabaseException:
    2014/04/08 17:48:51 -SET VARIABLES - Error occured while trying to connect to the database
    2014/04/08 17:48:51 -SET VARIABLES-
    2014/04/08 17:48:51 - SET VARIABLES - Invalid JNDI connection JNDI_CONNECTION : Errore di I/O: Connection reset

    I don't know why first time I have no problem, it is possible that there is a problem in close connection on first call?Has anybody seen same problem?

    Note: the connection with database is defined like JNDI in, the database is Oracle 11, driver is the last release.

    Help me!
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    Maybe pool size? It's like after first job execution the connection remain appended, is it possible?

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