Dear friends.

( I know my queries might very simple , therefore I hope I am not bothering anyone)

I have a table with 26 sheets, every sheet refers to a month from 2012 and 2013 and the 3 months of this year, therefore 26 sheets. This Table we receive monthly , and I need only the first column of every sheet of this table, with refers to the ID of orders which were fraud, to be added to a CSV Input step which has already a column with the same information from previous years.

I've tried to do it with the Excel Input Step, However, it didn't work and got only the sheet name . Even so, I haven 't got to select only the first column of this sheet, which refers to the “ ID-orders_fraud” as above-mentioned.

I know I could just convert the Excel file to CSV, or better, I could just convert CSV step which already exists and is feeding the ETL, to an Excel and add the first Column of IDs of the table I monthly receive doig Ctr +C and Ctr+V, and then convert this new File to CSV again, giving the same name, already with the new data from the new table.

Obviously, this is Ok for while, as I am receiving only few hundreds of cases per month, but if I start receiving 12k,20k 50k , etc new registers to add every month, I am sure that is not going to be a viable solution.

So, basically, my question is this, as you can see through my ETL :

How can I add the first column called “ pedido” (which refers to customer ID order_fraud), of every sheet from my new Excel Table, into that CSV step there (which already is made of only one column, with the same ID information, but called pedido_fraude).

Thank you in advance!

I hope the screen-shots are ok to explain the issue properly! Name:  MYfraudETL.jpg
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