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Thread: CCC FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About CCC

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    Default CCC FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About CCC

    This thread post is an index to frequent questions and selected answers about CCC.
    It will be updated over time.

    PLEASE, DO NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD (or your post, eventually, will be deleted)

    FAQ Part I

    1. Documentation?

    1. Site contains live examples, summary of options and extension points for each chart type
    2. Options reference documentation
    3. Protovis reference documentation
      • watch out for the following differences: pvc.Dot#{angle, radius, size} should be renamed to pv.Dot#{shapeAngle, shapeRadius, shapeSize}

    4. Upgrading to V2: A
    5. Fiddles: A
    6. V1 extension point reference: A

    2. Environment

    1. «Where should I put that piece of code?»: A, B, C, D, E, F
    2. Using CCC in multiple environments, including CGG: A, B, C
    3. Debugging: A
      1. For debugging layout issues, specify a debugLevel of 16 or greater.

    4. V1 compatibility mode: A
    5. Accessing pvc, pv and def in an AMD/RequireJS dashboard: A

    3. Object model

    1. Extension points: A, B, C
    2. Visual API: A, B
    3. «Something like "this.scene.vars.series" means absolutely nothing to me»: A, B, C
    4. atoms vs vars: A

    4. Interaction

    1. Handling the click action: A, B, C, D
    2. Handling the selectionChanged action: A, B, C, D
    3. Handling the cartesian axis click action: A
    4. Handling right-click and other protovis mark-level events: A
    5. Fast resize-re-render: A, B, C, D
    6. In memory data-reload and re-render: A
    7. First render with some datums (~rows) already selected: A
    8. First render (sort of) with some series hidden: A
    9. Synced series visibility of multiple charts or controlled by an external legend: A
    10. Clicking a legend item replaces visible series: A
    11. Synced selection across multiple charts: A
    12. Finding out the color of a clicked visual element: A

    5. Tooltip

    1. See also "Data, Dimensions" for label, default value format and hidden dimensions.
    2. Automatic data summary tooltips: A
    3. Types of automatic tooltips on cartesian axis: A
    4. Showing extra non-visually represented dimensions: A
    5. Custom, showing column and row percentage: A, B
    6. Styling the standard data summary tooltip: A

    Part II
    Part III
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    Default FAQ part II

    6. Data source translation

    1. Relational vs Crosstab formats: A, B (page 19), C
    2. What's the expected data format? .....
    3. Virtual item structure: A, B, C, D, E
    4. Many ways to specify "readers": A, B
    5. CDE postFetch transformations and statistics:
      1. Sort by value and TOP N: A
      2. Multiple charts, one data source: A
      3. Filtering rows: A (or use the new option dataWhere)
      4. Calculating range of column: A
      5. Counting categories or series: A

    7. Data, Dimensions

    1. Explicitly defining dimensions: A
    2. Changing default labels of dimensions: A
    3. Default format for a value: A, B
    4. Changing sort order of a dimension: A
    5. Hiding a dimension from the user: A
    6. Calculations; "dataPart" dimension and visual role; custom partitioning of data between the main plot and plot2: A
    7. Data aggregation in categorical charts: A, B, C
    8. Specifying trending options: A

    8. Visual Roles, Axes

    1. Reverse the values of a visual role (category, series, color, ...): A, B
    2. Color
      1. Fixed colors for some series values: A, B
      2. Gradient colors: A, B
      3. Changing default color scheme: A

    3. Cartesian
      1. base, ortho, x or y? A, B
      2. Second plot with a second Y axis: A
      3. Y axis with a log scale: A
      4. Generating integer ticks: A
      5. Date ticks formatting: A, B, C
      6. Hiding cartesian axis' rule: A
      7. Centering discrete axis grid-lines: A
      8. Composite/Hierarchical axis (like that of the HeatGrid chart): A, B, C
      9. Controlling tick label overlapping: A, B
      10. Summary of scale and tick affecting options: A, B
      11. Units label in vertical ortho axis: A

    4. Remove the frame/rectangle around the plot: A

    9. Value labels

    1. Changing text: A, B
    2. Automatic color depending on background: A, B, C
    3. Hiding or trimming when inside and don't fit: A, B
    4. Placement options and total labels in bar charts: A, B

    Part I
    Part III
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    Default FAQ part III

    10. Charts

    1. Bar
      1. Styling bars: A
      2. Changing bar colors dynamically: A, B, C
      3. 3-D style: see "Axes > Gradient Colors"
      4. Simultaneously Stacked & Grouped: A

    2. Line
      1. Disguising interpolated segments: A
      2. Smoothing Lines and Areas: A

    3. Shared
      1. Variable series styling: A

    11. i18n

    1. Changing the "no data message": A
    2. Changing the "invalid data message": use the "invalidDataMessage_text" extension point.
    3. Changing CDF's component error message: A

    12. Walkthroughs

    1. "Paired Bar-Line Measures" site example explained: A
    2. "Simulating" a statistical dot plot: A
    3. "Stacked bars on a composite axis": A

    13. Real time

    1. CDF and Refresh Interval: A, B
    2. Hacking with the CCC component lifecycle: A
    3. Sliding window: A

    Part I
    Part II
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