Having many issue with Bar Charts...

  1. The label cuts off for the highest bar in the chart. I've searched and found users talking about it being an issue as far back as two to three years ago. Can it still be an issue? Is there a setting? I'm not displaying value at an angle, just normal.
  2. Need some way to control the intervals in the y-axis, which I'm assuming has some control in displaying the hight of the bars, right? Basically, the y-axis is incrementing every 5 values, which makes the difference between the two bars I have astonishingly massive, when they shouldn't be shown that way. Can I change them to be very 20 or 50?
  3. The same between bars is way too big and everything attribute I found online to control it either didn't change a thing or when it did, it destroyed the bar chart. The only way I could get it look the way it should was by changing the category to be client name (which there's only one in my data) and using the series on the column I wanted the categories to originally be attached to. Looks good, but now the label is set to the Client name and not to the real category names.

This could totally be a newbie issue, hopefully y'all can help me out!