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Thread: Not Able to see Model and Visualize perspective

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    Default Not Able to see Model and Visualize perspective


    I just started using Kettle CE 5.0.1 recently, not able to see Model and Visualize perspective as in 4.4
    and also tried installing Data cleaner pulgin from market place after restart kettle just don't start if i delete the pulgin it works fine

    does this had something to do with java version

    MY Java Version 1.6_0.45
    Windows 7 32 bit


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    I am unable to see them as well, can someone please provide input on this?

    OS: Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
    Java: 1.7
    Kettle: 5.0.1 A

    Thank you

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    From what I recall, they are both EE features. CE doesn't have them.

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