I love technology partnerships. They make our lives as technologists easier by introducing the cross sections of functionality that lie just under the surface of the products, easily missed by the casual observer. When companies partner to bring whole solutions to the market, ideally consumers get more power, less maintenance, better support and lower TCO.

Pentaho recognizes these benefits, and works hard to partner with technology companies that understand the value proposition of business analytics and big data. The folks over at MongoDB are rock stars with great vision in these spaces, so it was natural for Pentaho and MongoDB to partner up.

My colleague Bo Borland has written Pentaho Analytics with MongoDB, a book that fast tracks the reader to all the goodness at your fingertips when partnering Pentaho Analytics and MongoDB for your analytics solutions. He gets right to the point, so be ready to roll up your sleeves and dig into the products right from page 1 (or nearly so). This book is designed for technology ninjas that may have a bit of MongoDB and/or Pentaho background. In a nutshell, reading the book is a straight shot to trying out all of the integration points between the MongoDB database and the Pentaho suite of products.

You can get a copy of Pentaho Analytics with MongoDB here. Also continue to visit the Pentaho wiki, as these products move fast.