I am totally new to kettle and unfortunately have a task in hand where I need to upgrade pentaho suite from 4.0 to 5.0 and make sure everything runs fine

We work with kettle jobs and ad hoc data marts. So I ran install from pdi-ee-client-5.0.1-dist.zip & spoon is working ok (though get this error from command prompt: Could not find or load main class org.pentaho.di.kitchen.Kitchen.
Next I extracted pdi-ee-server-5.0.2-dist.zip and ran install.bat to install the server. I believe my server is installed now ( though I didn't create any variables like pentaho_java_home etc)

I don't see any wizard or option to configure DI repository ( I guess it should have been created when I installed server). Do I need to configure any variables anyhow ?. What is the way to access repository ?. Also what repository can help with -

As part of our current architecture, we run kettle jobs using windows .bat file ( in which we specify db connections & other variables for the job). After we use repository concept can we store all our jobs & .bat files on one m/c and then access them from diff machines ( and also schedule them on diff m/c)

I am referring to infocenter.pentaho.com documentation ( any better ?)