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Thread: Installing a JDBC jar

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    Default Installing a JDBC jar

    I need to connect PDi to a filemaker database (an old version 5).
    I found a sljc.jar file (that I think it fits for the above version) and put it into the /lib folder of
    my 5.0.1 PDI version.
    But it always complains that the driver is not found.

    1. is the /lib the right folder?
    2. dropping the file into the dir is the only thing to do? or I need to register the jar in an appropriate file? If so, which one?
    3. someone has experience with filemake+PDI? Is the task possible, or am I loosing time?

    Thank you in advance.

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    This is a little old... but yes, put the lib into /lib

    You'll need to declare the database as a generic, and specify the JDBC connect string.
    I've had variable success doing generic DB connections - some work great, others... not so much.

    I have *NOT* tried Filemaker though.
    This page might help:

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