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Thread: R script executor external lib load

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    Default R script executor external lib load


    I tested the R Script Executor Step, using a script that works in R console, and it fails

    The conflicting line seems to be the use of RJDBC lib which I installed previously through the console

    I can test:

    works fine, but

    drvVertica <- JDBC("com.vertica.jdbc.Driver",'C:\\pdi-ce-5.0.1.A-stable\\data-integration\\lib\\vertica-jdk5-6.1.2-0.jar'); #Should do only a variable load

    throws message error "no output data" when tested, so I assume something in the JDBC loading line breaks the script

    Might it be that lib loading is disabled in the step? Same code works in R console.
    Could somebody shed some light?

    Thank you very much!

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    Sorry, I restarted after a lot of time looking for a solution and it finally worked. Please delete this post.

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