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Thread: Read connection setting from a text file

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    Default Read connection setting from a text file

    I am developing a transformation (on pentaho 4.4.0) which basically reads data from one oracle DB (11g), makes some transformation and loads data into another Oracle DB. Now for DB table input/output when I need to select a connection I have to select it from a drop down menu in 'Edit Step'. When I edit the connection, it asks me settings, like Host name, database name, port number, user name, password.

    What I want is, to create a text file called 'Pentaho_connection_properties' in some directory on my machine where I will save all these info and as soon as I choose a connection name from the connection drop down menu, Pentaho should automatically read the file and populate the settings corresponding to that connection name. The purpose is to get rid of this manual process to entering settings again and again for multiple use of same DB.

    Please let me know how this can be done. I will appreciate if you can be little explicit since I am new to Pentaho.


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    Default Run time configuration settings

    Your first goal must be to get away from the static design time settings.
    You can use Kettle variables for this - it's discussed in the Beginner's FAQ.
    While this approach grants you a certain amount of dynamic behavior, you still can do better.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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