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Thread: Parsing string in XML output

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    Default Parsing string in XML output

    i had select some data from HTML with JSoup, and now i have in output 4 strings: title, authors, date, source... these strings are formed like:

    title=  title1 + "\r\n" + title2 + "\r\n" + ...... + titlen + "\r\n"
    authors= authors1 + "\r\n" + authors2 + "\r\n" + .......... + authorsn + "\r\n"
    And date and source are similars formed to title and authors... Now if i try to write them with XML output i get something like

     <title> title1
    <authors> authors1
    if i split strings with steps "Split field to rows" (one for title, one for authors, etc), kettle gaves me something like

    What should i do to get a single book with title1, authors1, date1, source1; title2, authors2, date2, source2; etc
    I tried to watch all the functions but i can't find something that gives me the possibility to combine data in that form into a XML.... If i use "split fields to rows" 4 times (one for string) i get something like 160k rows O.O

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    Perhaps the bigger part of your problem stems from the way you read the formatted text from the Scopus response?
    You should provide sample input to play with and a precise description of the XML output you need.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    for example i need to extract from this

    <div class="dataCol2"><label class="hidden-label">Document</label>
    <span class="docTitle">	     
    <a href=";origin=resultslist&amp;sort=plf-f&amp;src=s&amp;st1=flesca&amp;sid=CB6B7BF29B4C406FC28B0A56BC998655.WXhD7YyTQ6A7Pvk9AlA%3a20&amp;sot=b&amp;sdt=b&amp;sl=19&amp;s=AUTHOR-NAME%28flesca%29&amp;relpos=0&amp;relpos=0&amp;citeCnt=0&amp;searchTerm=AUTHOR-NAME%28flesca%29" title="Show document details" onclick="javascript:submitRecord('2-s2.0-84896062472','0','0');">On the complexity of probabilistic abstract: Argumentation</a>
    <div class="dataCol3">
    <label class="hidden-label">Authors of Document</label>
    <span class="">
    <a href=";authorId=15131404100&amp;zone=" title="Show author details">Fazzinga, B.</a>, <a href=";authorId=55926108000&amp;zone=" title="Show author details">Flesca, S.</a>, <a href=";authorId=36020331900&amp;zone=" title="Show author details">Parisi, F.</a>
    <div class="dataCol4">
    <label class="hidden-label">Year the Document was Publish</label>
    <span class="">
    <div class="dataCol5">
    <label class="hidden-label">Source of the Document</label>
    <span class="">
    IJCAI International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
    i should get this kind of xml

    <title>On the complexity of probabilistic abstract: Argumentation</title>
    <author>Fazzinga B.</author><author>Flesca S.</author><author>Parisi F.</author>
    <source>IJCAI International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence</source>
    now i can easy select parts with jsoup and form the output as {title}_{authors}_{year}_{source} and i can split it with "Split fields" and get 4 string: Title, Authors, Year, Source... now the last problem is how can i split various authors :-/ and get them in the XML

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