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Thread: PDI 5.0 kettle reading excel sheet and csv file

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    Default PDI 5.0 kettle reading excel sheet and csv file


    I have a PDI 5.0 kettle scenario where...

    1. I have a csv Input file with 200 columns.
    2. I have an MS Excel workbook with 10 sheets. In each sheet I will specify only 10 - 15 column names (10-15 column names alone) that are already present in the csv file mentioned above. The column names are same both in csv and excel.
    3. I need to select columns from the csv file that are already specified in the excel sheet and write it to a separate text files.

    4. I need to repeat this step for all sheets present in that excel file. (Read the column names from the excel sheet, Select them from the csv file and writing it to a separate text files)

    Please help me achieve this. I am very new to pentaho.
    Its very very important for me.

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    I wouldn't use an Excel workbook to control multiple projections of tabular data contained in a CSV file - a simple property file can do the same and can be edited using a much less resource intensive tool:

    projection-1 = field-1,field-3,field-5
    projection-2 = field-1,field-2,field-4
    You don't specify exactly how the name lists are provided in a sheet: vertical (one name per row) or horizontal (one name per column).
    You will end up to use ETL Metadata injection, so you might as well start to read about it.
    Don't forget to study the job samples coming with your Kettle installation, too.
    If you get stuck during implementing your scenario, attach your results along with some sample input for review by a community member.
    Good luck.
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    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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