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Thread: Text File Output format field question

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    Question Text File Output format field question

    Hi all.

    I have simple text file output example.
    Can please someone explain me how does Length/Precision/Currency/Decimal/Group settings can communicate with each other?
    I don't want to use 'Format' field - just using other to check it is works properly.

    Just for testing purposes I have input as a BigDecimal like


    ...and for file output step I want to see what happens if:

    this is file output settings
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    this is file output
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    So questions:
    1) Why is $ is not shown?
    2) Why grouping symbol not shown?
    3) Why decimal is truncated to one symbol?
    4) Is Length is taken into account?

    Once again this is only test-functionality example - to see how this field output settings can communicate each other.

    Thank you in advance.

    This is simple transformation.

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    1) Your are not specifying a 'Format' string so no currency formatting will be inserted.
    2) The 'Group' symbol should be either a '.' or a ',' but you are not providing a 'Format' string so apparently the default format string doesn't call for grouping.
    3) The 'Decimal' symbol should really be either a '.' or a ',' but apparently no more than one character.
    4) The string length apparently overflows by default when the formatted number is longer than the specified 'Length'.

    You really need to provide a format string in order to make the formatting work as desired. Some additional information on formatting decimals and currency can be found here:
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