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Thread: Pentaho Report Bursting with KETTLE, struggling with PARAMETERS.

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    Default Pentaho Report Bursting with KETTLE, struggling with PARAMETERS.

    Hi, I am trying to do report bursting through kettle. But i am facing some problems while trying to pass some parameter values from kettle to PRD (using pentaho reporting output step).here is the following steps i am grid --> add constants --> modified java scrip value --> pentaho reporting output --> mailabove flow works fine with no parameters specified in pentaho reporting output step. It simply calls the .prpt file and generates .pdf file(with whole data in each file as there are no parameters) and send mails.But when i put a parameter in my .prpt file i.e "select * from table where date = ${memberdate}" and try to run my transformation it gives me something shown in the attachment.Any help would be great.
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