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Thread: Spoon Jobs parallel execution waiting on other jobs

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    Default Spoon Jobs parallel execution waiting on other jobs

    EDIT: Nevermind. This problem has been solved locally. It was a bad select statement in the Table Source which made itself dependent on the entries of the target table for the Insert / Update.


    I am currently evaluating whether I can use Kettle Spoon for some data transfer jobs. These jobs need to start and execute in parallel after being triggered at certain intervals with those intervals possibly being shorter than the execution time of the spoon job. All this is supposed to run in an ITSM 8.1 system with a Carte Server attached. I have managed to create multiple instances of this job in the Kettle and am able to start them, but what I have observed is that while both are started and in the state "running", one will execute fine while the other will wait until the first job has finished executing before actually doing anything. I want to have them running in parallel rather than sequential.

    I have observed this using a rudimentary job in which I read data from a database using a Table Source, then applying a 3 second dalay to each row and writing it back to a different table using an Insert / Update gate (the delay is only there to give me a bit of a reaction time). I have also seen both jobs reading in data on the table source, but one waiting on the other job with anything further including the delay row gate until the other job was completely finished.

    I've also done this with separate jobs having separate transformations and separate database connections. In this case the delay will also happen, but the insert / update will still hold in the 2nd job until the 1st job is finished.

    Am I doing anything wrong or is this some sort of locking mechanism on the database?
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    I am not sure if this Thread is right place to post my query, but i see my query quite identical to above posted.

    Pentaho Kettle has been recently launched to my project and and i am completely new to this.
    Requirement Description
    I am looking to configure and create a transformation that can interact with ITSM and push Data from a CSV file to ITSM/Remedy application specific 'form'. And in turn to ITSM DB SERVER.
    My point is ... I want to do field mapping of ITSM form for my input file CSV file, based on its column. (CSV FILe colums mapping to ITSM -> Forms ->Fields.)

    Please respond me if requirement not clear or need more detail.


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