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Thread: Transform data from various tables

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    Default Transform data from various tables

    I'm new in Pentaho, and I want to move data between two databases. For example, in Database1, I have some tables, A(a1,a2,a3), B(b1, b2, b3) and C(c1, c2, c3). Now, I want to copy some of this tables to another table, and I'm interesting if it is possible to move different fields from different tables (for example, in Database2, in table D, I want columns a1,b1 and c1). I tried to do that, but when I need to insert in Table Input, I don't know how to do that. I configured two databases, it's all set about that(I tested it), I see all tables in both Databases, so everything is good configured.
    Another question: I use transformation to do all this migration of data, and I'm interesting if I can move all my data from table to table in just "one run". Is it possible to configure all transformations from tables to tables and then just hit Run, and leave program to copy all that I want? For example, I have a big database, and a smaller one, and I want to copy data from bigger to smaller database, and I'm wondering if I can configure all transformations between them and then just push run to do all job.

    Let me be more precise... I have some database, with plenty of tables and columns inside them. I created another one in PowerDesigner (physical data model, star schema). I created some tables, and defined some columns that I need. And now, I need to insert into my new Database(into my empty columns) some values from database that I already have. I don't have access to databases from home, but if it is not easy to understand, I will create some databases just to show what my problem is

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    Shortest answer: Yes, you can do all of that.

    Shorter answer: Read the documentation and open the jobs, transformations and mappings under the samples subdirectory to get an idea of how things work.

    The Table Output step inserts data to a destination table, not the table input step. There are other steps that do similar things to Table Output, such as Insert/Update and bulk loaders. They each have a slightly different purpose, but you can choose which steps work best for you. You can run several transformations from a single job, you can nest jobs, you can do pretty much anything.

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