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Thread: Convert Data Stage Expression to User Defined Java Expression

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    Default Convert Data Stage Expression to User Defined Java Expression

    Can some help me in converting this datastage expression to UDJE or a different step to make it work in pentaho.

    If Trim(lnk_tfmDate.SOLD_TO_COUNTRY) = '' Then Trim(Convert('"','',lnk_tfmDate.SOLD_TO_COUNTRY)) else lnk_tfmDate.SOLD_TO_COUNTRY


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    When coming to Pentaho, you have to take a step back from "This is what I do in my existing system" to "These are the steps that I need to accomplish"

    1) You need to determine what the trim of lnk_tfmDate.SOLD_TO_COUNTRY is
    --> There's a String Operations step that will allow you to calculate the trimmed value of this field.
    --> You could use trim(lnk_tfmDate.SOLD_TO_COUNTRY) in your table input (assuming Table Input)
    --> You can set the trim to both for most other inputs
    2) You want to assign one of two values based on the value of step 1.
    --> You can use the Formula step ( if([step1]="";truevalue;falsevalue) )
    --> You can split the stream using Filter Values and reconnect it
    --> You can use a UDJE similar to step1.equals('') ? truevalue : falsevalue This may cause null pointer exceptions... I'm not sure.

    Most of the time, built-in steps will be faster than scripting, but UDJE is one of the exceptions to that rule.
    There are MANY ways to write the same thing in PDI... Explore a few of them, load them with a LOT of data, and see which is fastest.
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    One more try: There's no null handling in the BASIC transformer stage, so we talk DataStage 8.5 or newer.
    If that subrecord field is null, the condition will evaluate to FALSE and the expression does nothing at all.
    Otherwise, if the field value is an empty string or just whitespace characters, the nested functions first remove all double quotes and thereafter all leading and trailing whitespace.
    Not much sense in it, eh?

    I guess a useful translation of that BASIC expression to single line Java will look very much like shown here:

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    // just for c&p convenience:
    SOLD_TO_COUNTRY == null ? null : SOLD_TO_COUNTRY.replaceAll("\"", "").trim()
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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