I am trying to load data from Oracle 11 g to Oracle 11g. since the data is in different instances we cannot directly use procedure to move data. Other option is db link which is restricted due to security concerns. So the plan is to create data file by reading from oracle table and then using sql loader to load into oracle. Sql loader is fast it loads 11million in minute. The table that i am trying to copy has to be copied daily and has 50 gb size. The creation of dat files takes time. I am creating these dat files on same server where pentaho is installed ( Linux server) . It creates dat files at rate of 300kb per second. I have tried creating multiple copies of same job and running in parallel it runs faster so 3 jobs i am getting 900kb speed. Now i cannot create 30 copies of the same job. Bad idea.

Oracle 11g -------> Linux server (ETL) --(File creation takes time)

Why it takes long time for creation of file on pentaho server ??
Things alredy checked
1) we have 150MBs speed for network. Verified by copying file from oracle to linux server on which pentaho is there takes 2 seconds
2) Oracle throughput is not an issue.. If we make multiple pentaho jobs the throughput increase with number of jobs
3) Speed at which linux (ETL server) writes files to its disk is good. Copies 150MB file to disk in 2 seconds
4) I have keps rows buffer size to 50,000 in transformation properties -- does not help

So the issue seems to be with Pentaho writing to dat files on server. Any techniques to speed this up ???