I have text clobs that are a column in an Oracle database and they are printed as text in Pentaho reports (more like a document with paragraphs). I am trying to print the clobs in the detail section of the report. They do print but.... It looks like the clob prints as an image instead of text. The width of the clob comes out fine. However, if the clob is more than one page, it always starts at the top of a new page and I don't want it to. I need it to continue printing on the current page until it gets to the footer. if it is a clob that is over 3 pages long, when it gets to the third page, it prints half a line (top half) at the bottom of page 2 and half a line (bottom half) at the top of page 3 so the line is split in two. My report is over a hundred pages. Is there a better way to handle the clob so it will print correctly. Short clobs work fine and will print on the same page if there is space (still works like and image). Is there a way to convert the clob to text and print it that way so it doesn't print as an image.