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Thread: Parallelizing looped job step?

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    Default Parallelizing looped job step?


    I'm currently looking for a way to parallelize a looped job step.

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    - Run xform to find .ktr files in target directory
    - For every result, run second job

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    - Run xform to set variables
    - Run (abstract) xform with passed variable as filename

    Graceful failure steps with email alerts are in place, along with other housekeeping items.

    I'm looking for a way to distribute the results from "get Files to execute" to the "Loop Through Transformations" step. Is that possible?

    PDI 5.0.1-stable
    Windows 7 (designing / template abstraction)
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 (execution)
    MySQL 5.6

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    Alright, as a follow-up, here is my current solution:

    initialSync.kjb has been changed to remove the "Loop Through Transformations" step
    getFilesToExecute.ktr has been changed to reflect the following setup: Name:  job_distribution.jpg
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    These Job Executor steps all point to the loopThroughFiles.kjb file.

    Note: Like all Pentaho distributions, this is a round-robin distribution, not a load-based distribution. In my most recent use case, each of these Job Executor steps handled 9 results, regardless of how long each one took to execute. The rowset is 2 for this transformation.

    This decreases total execution time by around 40% for me. (Would be more if my individual transformation time were more similar)

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