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Thread: How to change '+31" in a string

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    Default How to change '+31" in a string

    I'd like to replace the text '+31' in a field (phonenumber) into an empty string, but only if the '+31' is the only text in the field.
    If the field is filled with "+31 (10)" I don't want the "+31" to be changed, which is happeing in the ReplaceString Step.
    If the field is filled with " +31 (10)" I don't want the "+31" to be changed, which is happeing in the ReplaceString Step.

    I hope someone can give me a clue in how to solve this.
    since I do have multiple fields to do this on< I hope this can be don in one step.

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    In the Replace String Step there should be a column that states "whole field" or "whole word" (can't remember without looking up, sorry) - change that to YES.

    Another option is to use the REGEXP option - if you don't know them you can easily find same example using Google - it's worth spending some time getting familiar with that anyway
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    Still another option would be the Null If utility step.
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    Hi Mick

    Thanks for your thought, but infortenately this doesn't work for me.

    The actual Option is Whole Word, but even this seems not to work properly (see also my attached combination of screen shots). The actiual '+31' is changed into NULL in the actual '+31' cases. Only there is more changes, like '+31 (0)73-7003400' into ''+(0)73-7003400'. Apperently the '+'-sign has no influence on the ReplaceString Step.

    I've also tried to use the RegEx option, '^(.*\+31).*', but this gives me the same result. Although I'm not 100% sure on the used RegEX OptionValue.
    The actual RegEx Evaluation Step i snot very practical, since I do have to react on the result (either Y or N) but I have 8 Fields to do this.

    So a Whole FIELD option would be best for me.
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    You can also use a formula. the formula will look like: if([telefoonnummer]="+31";"";[telefoonnummer])

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    Null if, as per marabu's hint, works fine. Alternatively, the right regex pattern is simply ^\+31$.

    This one matches exactly '+31', i.e. there must be no trailing spaces for the match to be successful.
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    Hi Michiel,

    my suggestion is, use modified javascript value in folder scripting, just check value of string, like :
    if( phonenumber == "+31")


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