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Thread: subcubes implementation

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    Default subcubes implementation

    i'm tryng to use the excellent driver ODBO ( by Alexandra Iancu ) to use excel pivot table with mondrian .
    However, excel generates a lot of queries using the mdx subcubes and mondrian doesn't support this features of MDX .
    I think it is some ongoing effort to support the functionality ( ) .
    Someone knows something more?
    I would be happy to contribute .
    thanks for any answer

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    There has been interest in support for subselects and subcubes, but it's a big feature and there's no current work being done.

    I have a (possibly faulty) memory that there is a property or option that can be set that controls whether Excel uses subcubes or compound slicers.

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    yes , the options exists mut a lot of functionality for filter an axis are not enabled if subselects are disabled .
    I think that the possibility of subselects would be a big improvement for rmondrian .
    is there a people's team of the community interested to implement this features ?
    if it exists i would like to contribute

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