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Thread: Issue with CDC on Pentaho 5

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    Question Issue with CDC on Pentaho 5

    We are experimenting with caching options in order to improve query performance in our Pentaho 5 EE environment. We do use Analyzer, but we also make heavy use of custom applications that rely on CDA and XMLA calls for access to data through MDX, SQL, and also using kettle endpoints. I'd like to have better visibility into cache utilization, better control over refreshing portions of the cache, and better ability to scale the cache as needed.

    We looked into using Infinispan but, from what I can gather, it only provides benefits for Analyzer.

    So, we did a little research and came across the Community Distributed Cache (CDC) plugin. This looks really promising and we'd like to give it a go. We dried installing it on a local 5.0.1 CE server to do some quick tests and ran into the following error when starting the server:

    12:01:17,234 ERROR [Logger] misc-class PluginManager.ERROR_0015 - Plugin cdc loaded, but post-load processing failed
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.pentaho.platform.engine.core.system.PentahoSystem.getUserDetailsRoleListService()Lorg/pentaho/platform/api/engine/IUserDetailsRoleListService;
    at pt.webdetails.cdc.plugin.CdcConfig.getAdminSession(
    at pt.webdetails.cdc.plugin.CdcConfig.<init>(
    at pt.webdetails.cdc.plugin.CdcConfig.getConfig(

    I did some research, and it looks like the getUserDetailsRoleListService() method was there in PentahoSystem in version 4.8 but it's not there in 5.0. It's odd, because I can see when I poke around in the commits here that CDC was changed to use this method in the second half of 2013.

    So, to summarize, two questions:
    1. Is CDC known to work with Pentaho 5? If so, perhaps I made a mistake in my install?
    2. If CDC has a known incompatibility with Pentaho 5, does anyone know if it's going to be updated?

    I'd also love to hear any feedback folks have on CDC or any other ways to improve MDX performance with large result sets. We're currently running Infobright CE and Pentaho EE and large JVM to try and cache as much as possible.


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    CDC does not work with Pentaho 5, at the moment. We've been working on upgrading it, but it's still Work in Progress.

    Pedro Vale
    CTools Product Development

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    CDC is a dream come true. We have some very large data sets, some refresh at different time intervals. CDC provides a REST API so we can selectively clear cache on CDA and Mondrian, which means we can keep more relevant data in the cache.

    Our deployment is:
    1 Hazelcast Node 8 GB
    1 MonetDB Node
    1 Pentaho Production EE Node
    1 MySQL / ETL Node.

    Strategies we employ are:
    1. Aggregates for Mondrian Schema
    2. Calling from ETL to stoke the cache for frequently used reports, dashboards etc.
    3. Selective cache clearing on both the CDA and Mondrian via CDC
    4. We use CFR (Community File Repository) to serve up and receive large binary files or even small ones. This reduces traffic to the database retrieving binary blobs. Sure, you have to manage some links and deal with some JSON, but it's not that big of a deal for the efficiency we get.

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