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Thread: lookup and update based on key problem.

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    Default lookup and update based on key problem.

    Hi All,

    I have a csv file which consists transactionid, transactionername, amount, tax, billamount as columns in it.

    I need to pass the transactionid as parameter to the database table to check for transaction_date and transactioner_email.

    Then I need to get the all the values transactionid, transactionername, amount, tax, billamount, transaction_date( got from database table) and transactioner_email( got from database table) and create a new table and dump these values in it.

    Presetnly in my first transaformation i'm doing Textfile input---->table input( passing parameter to it).
    In second traformation I'm facing problem how to combine all the values. I dont know how to proceed.

    Can anyone please advice me how to achieve it.It will be a great help.

    Thanks in advance

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    No need for a Table input step.

    Use Lookup step to get one value at a time ...

    Text file input -> Lookup (get transaction_date) -> Lookup (get transactioner_email) -> Output table

    Seems easy ... unless there is something we don't know

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    Hi DeepButi,

    Thanks a lot for your time and information provided.

    I have a problem here. i did it in same way as u mentioned but the email field is null . as I check in database it getting Only NULL values.

    Please find the attached screen shot . Please guide me . It will be a great help.

    MalibuName:  lookup_transaformation.jpg
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    It's named screenshot, but you should make every pixel count by only providing significant parts.
    The better part of your attached images is without any information and the rest isn't readable due to scaling.

    No email will be returned, if the transactionid doesn't exist in the lookup table, so check if you use the right lookup table.
    Comparison can fail if transactionid is a string (case-sensitivity).

    BTW: In an operational database, you would try to avoid redundancy of the email column by establishing a joined view.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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