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Thread: Data integration job and transformation directory change randomly

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    Default Data integration job and transformation directory change randomly

    Hello experts.
    I wonder if anyone experience the following experience:
    I create a transformation or a job in directory A (using a file repository).
    Then, I change the directory using the repository explorer or the OS move option.
    Then, suddenly, I find the job or transformation in the previous directory. And after I return it to the correct directory it keeps returning every once and a while to the previous location.
    I experience this issue on OSX and on windows in two different companies.
    versions:Pentaho 4.4 and Pentaho 5.0.1

    Is anyone can shed light on this weird behaviour?


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    The directory must explicitly be changed when storing the transformation. Neither moving the files by hand nor explore repository will change the stored folder reference on the transformation.

    Edit your tansformation, "Save As" and explicitly set the new folder on the Directory field.

    PS. Yes, this made me crazy long time ago

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    Just have a look to you ktr/kjb's by using any test or XML editor. The target path/name is stored within, and will not be updated by moving just the file.

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