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Thread: Can we run kettle jobs as client or package?

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    Default Can we run kettle jobs as client or package?


    I have created some transformations and jobs for my project purpose. These jobs will be called from different different users. If I want a user to access these jobs and run it as per his convenience. He will need to install kettle tool.

    One Option is spoon interface is installed either on my server or my system and they can directly access it to run the jobs. If Yes, which tool can be used to call these jobs (unix, or any other scheduling tool?)

    Also, Is it possible if I can provide these jobs developed in kettle as package or service to client where he/she doesn't need to install spoon and still can run these jobs.

    Please suggest some solution.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi Sri,

    To run a job in the developed format as it is , we definitely need spoon. If you want the user to trigger a job whenever he wants , probably you could develop an user interface with xaction or cde or Java , where you will provide user level access and the ability to run the job at the specific time. refer and pentaho forums on how to call an xaction to run PDI job . Once you done that , you can build an user interface on top of it .
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    Thanks Satish for the suggestion. I will try this out and if any doubts will ask you.

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    in the BI server you can link pages. we have created a mechanism where a page from a different server is displayed with the job name and the parameters it requires and the user can then run it from there. this also avoids that the same process is run multiple times by the same or different users.

    the job name and parameters are stored in a database and a little groovy servlet reads the data and displays it to the user. then in BI server you can set the security for the linked page, so that only authorized users can access it.


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