Hi Forum,
All about table component in pentaho CDE - Out of the box.

1) How can I remove the default row banding colors or over ride the colors with some other?
2) How can I remove the drop down list of no.Of rows ? (5,10,25....)... How to customize if I want to show 25 columns in each page ?
3) How to do column aggregations(sum value) for table component columns ?
4) How to group by table component by a field and show that field as an heading ,also how to show the aggravations on grouped by data ?
5) How to give conditional coloring for numeric values ? ( for eg : value>=100 then green color value else red colored value).
6) How to neatly format table page numbers 1,2,3,4,5 .. ? when using classic model of table it is over-ridding and giving a bad look .
7) If I have 10 pages in table component, how to show the column aggregations for each of the page specific only and grand aggregation at the end of the last page ?
Thank you.
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