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Thread: Export KJB and KTR with no connection info

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    Default Export KJB and KTR with no connection info

    my problem is that a very complex job with tens of transformations are exported and deployed as files.
    All those files contain a lot of <connection> written in kettle's XML.

    I'd like to export them as files without those connection info, but only with the name ot the connection used inside steps.

    A shared.xml file will contain the connection info (only one single point where to change).

    How can I export (if ti's possible), please?

    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards.

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    Hi you can do this by using a single properties file . And define the connection variables in the properties file and call the properties file in the job using SetVariables step ,use the connection variables in place of dbconnections and share that connection so that the connection will be available in other Jobs.
    Hope the below image helps it contains kettle properties file where you can define database connection variables.

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    In Tools -> Options, one of the options listed is:

    Only save used connections to XML

    This will strip out any DB connections that are not being used in this Transformation.
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