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Thread: Row Denomarlization

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    Default Row Denomarlization

    I've read 2 or 3 posts about denormalizing. One of them asks for a dynamic solution without having to know the name of denormalized columns beforehand. One of the answers states that that would be pointless. But what about my simple case? How to resolve it easily?

    I have:

    Variable | Value
    myparam | myvalue1
    myparam2| myvalue2

    and I simply need to denormalize it to:

    myparam | myparam2 | (...)
    myvalue1 | myvalue2 | (...)

    just to input it to a Set Env Vars Step, which needs the info distirbuted field by field

    Would you help me? Thanks!

    P.S: Is there any way to use set Vars dynamically as well? I don't want to know what are the pairs to set beforehand
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    Why would you do that?

    Just feed your perfectly normalized key/value pairs to a JavaScript step containing

    setVariable(Variable, Value, "r");
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Nice Thanks!!!

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