Hi Forum,

We are planning to move our BI platform from jaspersoft to pentaho. We came across Pentaho 4.8 and Pentaho 5.0.1 CE versions.

We have the following requirements .. Suggest us whether to go with pentaho CE or EE ..

1) Ad-hoc Reporting
a) CE is having WAQR which is depreciated but still working in 4.8 CE and 5.0.1 CE.
b) Interactive Reporting is fine in EE but there is No visualization of data using charts Or is there a way to visualize data ? Our clients focused on Ad-hoc+Visulization as jasper does.
3) Saiku plug-in support is not there in 5.0.1 CE but there in 4.8 CE .. EE is having Saiku Reporting plug-in support or not with it's latest release ?
4) There is No support it seems for PME in community forum... With EE is there any other tool to create meta data models for ad-hoc reporting or the same PME we have to use ?
5) Can we migrate domains created using Jaspersoft in Pentaho for Ad-hoc reporting purpose ? We have 100's of domains developed on jasper and would like to migrate to pentaho.. Is there any way we can do this as Meta data model in Pentaho & Domains in jasper shares the same xml format internally or may not ?

2) Versions of Pentaho EE
a) What are the versions of Pentaho EE - i.e., like professional, Enterprise and etc.
b) Whom and where can we contact for pricing details and etc - Initial stage - Any pricing links will be helpful.

3) Dashboards
a) Fast creating dashboards compatible in Mobile, iPad, laptop,desktop,TV like big screens. As C-Tools CDE is a free tool , is there any other tool(Is it PDD ?) create dashboards in Server itself using Metadata Business Model (or) Reports created using Pentaho Report Designer ?

Looking forward for suggestions & powerful features offered by petnaho EE.

Thank you.
BI developer