After having a look in the internet I was unable to discover a way to make the cassandra connection enabled on the BI Server.

Basically I generated a Pentaho data integration transformation XML(test_cassandra.ktr) on keetle and used it on my local machine report designer.

I then deployed it to the server with BI Server and when I try to run it it gives me the following errors on the log:

..Caused by: org.pentaho.platform.api.repository2.unified.UnifiedRepositoryException: exception while getting file with path "/public/C:\Users\david.reis\Desktop\test_cassandra.ktr"
..15:20:56,420 ERROR [MetadataDatasourceService] Error import metadata: MetadataImportHandler.ERROR_0001 - !MetadataImportHandler.ERROR_0001_IMPORTING_METADATA! status = 1
15:20:56,420 ERROR [MetadataDatasourceService] Root cause: null

How can i enable the data source for cassandra on the BI Server?

I'm a beginner to pentaho so i apologize if this is a trivial problem