I am new to the forum and new to PDI but not to ETL. Our small company is trying to get away from Informatica and I am trying to do a proof of concept with PDI. So here is the concept: a web app creates data and sends this data via POST to a URL that I supply that will consume the data, transform it into a simple mapping to our Oracle DB staging tables where the data will be consumed by a custom PL/SQL program within our ERP system.

The "consume the data" part is the portion of this concept that I am stuck on. The rest is straight-forward ETL and the PDI documentation is pretty clear how to establish these transformations. However, creating a web service from the transformation so data is fed to it and essentially invoking the transformation to "do its thing" is not so straight-forward. In Informatica this is done by enabling the web service function in the workflow (which I think relates to PDI's Job).

I have searched PDI documentation, Papa Google, and this forum and could not find anything that suggests remotely how to do this. Just to be clear, I need to provide my URL to the web app so data can be fed to me; I am not referencing a URL for some sort of WSDL look up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.