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Thread: Data Integration - PIG Script Executor

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    Default Data Integration - PIG Script Executor


    I'm trying to use Pig Script Executor
    Using Community ver. 5.0.1
    Connecting to Hortonworks distribution (hdp20) (Sandbox on VirtualBox)

    What ever I set in Job tracker Hostname and Port I get an error:
    Backend error message during job submission Invalid host name: local host is: (unknown); destination host is: "":8050;; For more details see:

    My last setting of Pig Script Executor:
    HDFS Hostname:
    HDFS port: 8020
    Job tracker hostname: (before I tried
    Job tracker port: 8021 (before I tried 8050, 50300, 50030)

    IMPORTANT: The PORT in error message is always 8050 even if I set it to 8021 in Pig Script Executor

    Any help? does anyone succeeded with Pig Script Executor and Hortonworks 2.0?

    Other question: where can I find Configuration for hdp21

    Thanks in advance

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    In this case you should point at the Resource Manager, which according to the doc is at port 8032:

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    Thank you

    Unfortunately the same error message.
    The issu is that eror message says: (...)"":8050(...)
    While I'm giving different port number.
    It seems like some default setting on pentaho or hadoop site


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    Hi slawonzo,

    I see the value "":8050" in the yarn-site.xml file at directory: "PID_HOME\plugins\pentaho-big-data-plugin\hadoop-configurations\hdp21".
    I think you should try to change value in that file.


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