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Thread: Issue with Step Mapping (sub-transformation)

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    Default Issue with Step Mapping (sub-transformation)


    I've tried to do an example that I found in the book "Pentaho Kettle Solutions: Building Open Source ETL Solutions with Pentaho Data Integration" p.175

    Goal is to conform data coming from different sources.

    In this example, I try to conform values from the "Gender" column coming from different sources.
    Source file Web
    Genre = male, female
    Source file Sales
    Genre = M, F

    Output values must be Male, Female.

    I'm using an Excel file as reference table which contains:
    • Values from different sources
    • Source type (Web, Sales)
    • Desired output values (Male, Female)

    Therefore, I'm using a sub transformation (Step mapping (sub-transformation)) in which I set a variable ${src_system}

    In the first process, variable will have the value Web.
    In the second process, variable will have the value Sales.

    Issue is that PDI doesn't recognize this variable in the sub transformation.

    In the sub transformation, I'm using this variable as a filter.
    When I don't use this variable, It's working perfectly.

    It seems that my variable is not well initialized. (but following the book it should be working --> or I've miss something

    Thanks for your help.

    In the attachment files, I'm only working with data grid (not with tables), so it would be easy to test if you want
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    ...sub-transformation should have defined this parameters you want to pass down.

    In this particular case - test2.ktr have to define 'src_system_param'.
    This is well know feature (), hope will be fixed with when it will be backported if future (or will be released with new version).

    I don't take a close look to your sub-transformation, so hope this will help.

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    Hi Dzmitry,

    Thanks for you help,

    If I understand well.
    (I'm french speaker, so I try to do my best in English )

    This is a bug.

    Best way to simulate this functionality will be using a job and passing variable values to it?
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