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Thread: Merge XML files or use a Script

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    Default Merge XML files or use a Script

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to automate the "Get Fields" button in some way. If there is an easier way... PLEASE let me know. I have some ideas...

    I have a plain "CSV input" that needs to populate the fields automatically. It's normally done by pressing the "Get Fields" button.
    I only need to get the field name. No need for data type, size etc..

    I thought that I'll be able to insert the values by reading the transformation as an xml and merging it with another xml file where I was able to extract the field names... no luck. (Please find attached attempt)
    Another option I was thinking of was to have template files. Basically have a main variable that contains the content of a file(.xml) and then go about adding the content of another file to the bottom of the variable. Once finished, the variable will be saved into a new file.

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    An ever increasing number of steps support Metadata Injection, so you don't have to manipulate XML files directly.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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