Pentaho World - Join us! 8-10 October, Florida

After years and years of amazing community events, it's time to time to go big. We're organizing the first Pentaho World event. You can get all the information here, but at a glance:

Dates: October 8 - 10, 2014
Location: Orlando, Florida

The stakes are high. Is it possible to do best than the amazing community events that happened out there?

So: 3 days! Lots of great content, training and a great to talk with all the rock stars that have been contributing to the project so far! Only drawback is that I'm also going to be there (I blackmailed the CFO saying that I'd put a hole on his house-boat if he didn't allow me to go)

This is an event targeted to both customers and community users, so you'll be very well received no matter what!

Register here! Given the logistics involved, the event has a cost of $995, down to $695 until the end of August.

Also take a look at one of my previous blog posts, as a win on the Pentaho Excellence Awards can give you a ticket there!