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Thread: compare and match data

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    Default compare and match data

    I am loading data from postgresql database to the Report Designer. Data are in the table and they look like this:
    ID value1 value2
    1 21 185
    2 78 160

    Now what I want..
    I want to check all values in rows from database and match them with types in this table:
    type value1 value2
    type1 <30 >150
    type2 >50 <200

    The result (report) should look like this:

    ID 1 ... type1
    ID 2 ... type2

    Is this possible? I just want few tips or some link, where could I find similar problem.
    Thank you

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    Hi Damegu,

    You can use Database lookup component with help of this you will get above result

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    Thank you.
    I dont know how to work with Database Lookup, but I started to use "formula" and it seems it will solve my problem.
    But I am not familiar with its syntax.

    All I want to do is this:

    if (([value1]<30 AND [value2]>150) THEN [type] = "type1") ELSE
    if (([value1]>50 AND [value2]<200) THEN [type] = "type1") ELSE
    if (([value1]<20 AND [value2]<140) THEN [type] = "type13") ELSE...
    But in "formula" there is not ELSE or THEN.
    Can I use "formula" for these types of conditions?
    Thank you

    EDIT: I found the solution, it seems everything is working now
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