Three newer version of the plugins available in the marketplace!

CDC 14.07.29:

  • Big refactor - Support for Pentaho 5


CDB 14.07.29:

  • Big refactor - Support for Pentaho 5


CDV 14.07.29:

  • Big refactor - Preparation for Pentaho 5.x

  • Support for latest CTools


Release is ONLY for 4.8. There are several issues preventing a release for the 5.x platform:

5.0 - CDV does not work with the current stables due to a missing feature in CDA 14.07.29. CDV trunk runs in Pentaho 5.x with the rest of the trunk builds. We'll have a 5.0 release for CDV on the next release cycle.

5.1 - CDV does not work. In 5.1, we are unable to make any calls to the repository in plugin startup due to an inconsistency with bean registration. this means we can not properly start up the plugin when the system starts, but only the first time anyone accesses the plugin. For CDV, this is a major setback because its validation scheduler can not depend on an user action. It must start when the system starts. Investigating workarounds for this one.