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Thread: Oracle JDBC Connection In Pentaho Business Analytics

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    Default Oracle JDBC Connection In Pentaho Business Analytics

    I am trying to get a JDBC connection through the manage database connections but I am getting the ERROR_0009 error.

    I have the oracle instant client installed and I can connect vi sqlplus and tnsping. I have the JDBC drier in the tomcat lib and it shows up when I restart tomcat in the connection manager choices, so I believe that the JDBC driver is correct.

    What database name should I use? I have tried many combos to no avail. Are there additional options I need to set? This is an Oracle 12c server. The pentaho server is using OpenJDK on a new Centos 6 machine.

    tnsping output:

    Used TNSNAMES adapter to resolve the alias
    OK (0 msec)

    tnsnames.ora entry:

    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = = 1521))

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    I am pretty sure that this is a result of the database being a "pluggable database", which is a new feature in 12.

    Has anyone had any success in connecting the software to a PDB?

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    Not sure what you are trying to do. If by ba-server you mean bi-server, you just have to get it up and running, don't change anything.

    Login at http://localhost:8080/pentaho and admin/password and manage your datasources. Basically you only need to enter the thin client connection data.

    If you can tnsping then you should be fine. All you need is a host, service name and port (of course user/pw)

    You may want to try to drop your jdbc driver back an edition if you really are having connectivity issues. Btw, if you are trying to use Report Designer you need to include that jar in the lib directory there also.
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    any success with this? I'm attempting the same thing and I get an "invalid username/password". its reaching the database but I'm unable to define the service name of he PDB.
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