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    Default lookup component

    I would like to know, if there is a component which can compare data from database with data in a created table.

    For example.

    In PRD I have a table like this.
    group weight height age
    1 <80 <=50 <20
    2 >60 >40 >30

    And now I am loading data from a database (posgresql) and I want to put them into group where they belong.

    If I load this:
    weight height age
    90 50 35
    It should match the group "1" to this column.

    I have made a solution via Open Formula in PRD but I dont find this solution elegant.


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    If you are doing a static table, one that's not stored in the database, you aren't going to have a very elegant solution period. However, you can always try something like a CTE.

    From there you can then use the CTE table just like any other table.

    However, you are not going to find a really great solution when you deal with tables that aren't in your database. We have a few things just like this as well and ultimately they are just stop gap solutions until we get a web interface up so that customers can edit the values themselves.
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