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Thread: Embedding the Reporting Engine Into a Java Application

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    Default Embedding the Reporting Engine Into a Java Application


    Pentaho Reporting works great inside Java Web App. But I run into issues below:

    Report generated with a set of parameters. The problem is that creates a lot of files/folders inside Web Server because users can view the same report with his input at the same time. That why I cannot override the generated report by newer one. So When/How I should remove/delete it?

    Any one can help?


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    The most simple solution I recommend is to bind a session listener to your HTTP session and to clean up the report's data when the session ends. To make that easy, generate a session-id (not the one used in the cookie, but just a UUID object stored on the session) and use that as part of the directory name that holds the report data.

    So lets assume you store your temp-files in the temp-directory:


    then each user's report data would go into a subdirectory under it


    and when the session finishes, you can safely delete that directory and all its files. That delete operation can be a one-liners with the help of Commons-IO's FileUtils#deleteDirectory method.

    Why use a extra UUID and not the user's name or login info? The same user may be logged in via two different browsers or devices and then would generate conflicts. Killing/timing out the session on his first browser will also kill his content of the still-alive second session.

    Why not use the session ID the servlet framework maintains? Exposing the session id anywhere is a security risk. If its not on disk, it cannot be seen by any attacker and thus they wont be able to steal sessions from legitimate users.
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