Hello there.

I am working on report where I am loading data from a sql database like this.
ID Name Surname
1 peter brown
2 hans miles
3 lukas wazovski
4 bob roston
I want to have every person on a one (or more, depends on the next table) page. This is not a problem. I made a report where it works perfectly.

Then I have another table (again sql database) like this one:
ID activity
1 football
1 hockey
1 poker
2 fishing
2 hockey
3 football
4 tennis
4 football
4 poker

There are activities for every person. I would like to add all activities to the page in the report which belongs to the person above. It should look like this.

name: peter surname: brown
he likes: football

Well I can do some SQL operations like JOIN but that does not solve my problem. Because when I do JOIN operation, I recieve many rows and in every row there is only one activity so for every person I have more than one report with only one activity.

Can someone help me?
Thank you