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Thread: Pentaho CE 5 Schedules Email Report

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    Default Pentaho CE 5 Schedules Email Report


    I saw a video showing a scheduled report being sent by email. This feature is only for EE?


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    AFAIK its only in Enterprise version.

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    Just tried it with a fresh 5.0.1 CE install and it worked.
    I was able to schedule one of the sample reports and send the result to an email address.
    Where did you find that video ?

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    I can't find the URL but was a demo of pentaho 5 (probably a oficial one).

    In the demonstration in the same process of schedule a report the user can write a email to receive the report.

    How did you do? Can you give me a step by step instruction?

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    hi Emanuel,

    I tried the scheduling the email reports and I was successful.

    All you need to do is configure your smtp setttings in in administration concole ,,(Note: in pentaho CE 5, adminstration concole and puc and integrated.)
    later go for scheduler menu, choose any file to be mailed, process add email address, for multiple email add user email address use ';' (semicolon) between 2 email address.
    set time to schedule the report. and the needful will happen.


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    I wrestled with this, also, until I came across this thread and read that the scheduling is done at the file level.

    That is, if you click the main menu and choose schedules there is not an 'add new' button. This may very well be an EE version, but in CE no such button exists (at least, not that I could find).

    However, if you go to main menu option (a) Browse Files and (b) select a file then you can click the 'Schedule...' in the right menu and create a schedule (it will be associated with your login) and if you have your email server configured/tested then, in theory, it should work.

    In this post there is mention of creating them via the REST api; though I have not found how/where that is done, this may be close to the solution. (That page says it is going to show REST schedule examples, but I didn't actually see any on that page...)

    So, in sum, with my limited knowledge I think the following may be true:
    1. There is NOT a 'create new' schedule option under 'Schedules' (in Community Edition. There happens to be 'an empty space' in the button menus where I am guessing this exists in EE...totally just a guess)

    2. You CAN create user-defined schedules by selecting a particular file in Browse Files and using the 'Schedule...' link on the right

    3. There may be a way in CE to create Public schedules via REST. IDK.

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    Default Pentaho GEmail Notification

    Quote Originally Posted by pfabrici View Post
    Just tried it with a fresh 5.0.1 CE install and it worked.
    I was able to schedule one of the sample reports and send the result to an email address.
    Where did you find that video ?
    How id you do this please. I have this... and its not working

    Name:  PentahoSmtp.jpg
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    This config works in PDI 5.0.1 but do not work in BI-Server

    Port: 465
    Use Authentication
    User : mygmailusername
    Pass : mygmailpass
    Secure Con Type : SSL
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    I am facing problem on report mailing(scheduling) using BI server i am scheduled report on mail in previous version 4.5,4.8,5.0 but here on latest stable BI server i cant find out any option of mailing report, if any one do this please share the process .

    Thans in advance


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