Hello all,
I am currently trying to create a report that utilizes a ktr file that holds a transformation that will be used as a data set.

I am currently trying to create report that will pull data from a dataset in real time. The specific ETL pulls data from a "REST Client" step and then uses a "JSON input" to read the data. The final step utilizes a dummy step to help pass the appropriate data sets to the report.

Is there any else that I need in the transformation to be able to use the information in the prpt report?

How do I go about adding the PDI as a dataset? I am currently have tried to add a resource then call upon the resource when trying to add a data set. However, once I add the step, I am unable to see the different strings in the report. No data is being passed to the report. Is it because the JSON input in the ETL takes a long time to process? I am processing close to 150 columns and there is about 700 lines of data...