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Thread: AggGen Error?

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    Default AggGen Error?

    Hi. I am trying to use AggGen sql generator, so i configure with trace level 1, and aggregate propertis set to true, .... pentaho 3.5 works (mondrian 3.1.4) and prints sql lost and collapsed aggregation, but pentaho 3.8 (mondrian 3.2.1) doesnt work... i.e. in steel-wheels first report it says

    Init: For fact table "ORDERFACT", could not get column name for RolapStar.Column: Fact Count (14): count(null)
    2011-09-25 17:21:29,206 ERROR [mondrian.rolap.FastBatchingCellReader$Batch] AggGen failed

    Can yoy help me? is this an error? or AggGen is deprecated?....


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    Default Did you solved the problem?

    I'm suffering from same problem..
    if you solved them, could you let me know how solved?
    thank you in advance..T^T

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