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Thread: Deployment / Scheduling in Community Edition

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    Default Deployment / Scheduling in Community Edition

    i am evaluating the usage of Pentaho Data Integration CE.
    Which ways of deployment are availible in this Version and whats there advatages / disadvatages?
    How can i schedule my Jobs in Pentaho Data Integration CE?
    Thanks for your advices!

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    we use jenkins as a low cost scheduler in some PDI/kettle projects. This is a tomcat tool originaly designed for scheduling java build processes but working very well for such purposes, too. An alternative is UNIX cron but you will be missing relationships between jobs soon. See Don't hesitate to examine commercial schedulers but be sure they are really expensive.

    I prefer using Subversion repositories for all kettle files. For deployment we are able to check out tagged versions onto the production/testing/development servers.

    To be able to divide implementation/configuration and process data a framework like is helpful - for our environments we developed something like that on our own based on UNIX Shell scripts.


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    The community standard answer for scheduling is native OS Scheduling (Unix/Mac -> cron, Windows -> Windows Scheduled Events) as per

    Peter - I'm curious what you mean by "you will be missing relationships between jobs soon"

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    Cron on Linux, Windows Scheduler on Windows.
    No one of my job depends on previous jobs, there is always a main job that coordinate the process.

    Working in a small team (2-3 developers) subversion works well, no sophisticate deployment system, just a way to maintain versions.
    I use at last 2 kettle_home for test e prod and job promotion are perfumed manually. You can add ant to the mix if you require more automation.

    Hope this can help you.


    Bruno Condemi

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    Depend upon your OS,you will create bat file if you are using Windows ,If you are using Unix platform then you will use crone job.With help of this you will schedule your job as well as transformation .

    Hope this can help you.


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